Nick Sellen

Host me to help the homeless!

I had a (possibly crazy) idea to sleep on peoples floors in exchange for donating $25/night (which equates to $760/month) to help local homeless people via, (or another charty/non-profit). Finding a room is hard here so why not get something positive from it. The trial round of 6 nights was a total success (thanks people of San Francisco!), and I'm now attempting to keep it up till the end of the summer.

So, if you (or someone you know) can offer me floor space for one night let me know!

I am super simple to accommodate: I come with everything included for the night (mat, sleeping bag, towel, soap, food, etc). All I need is an address, a place to put my bicycle, and a bit of floor space. I'm super polite and friendly and can sleep almost anywhere! (I've slept in so many different places/scenarios already in life, you can't surprise/disappoint me...).

I've already raised $775, help me raise more!

To help organise things a bit more I've made a public spreadsheet so people can see which nights I'm still looking for a host. So, visit and follow the instructions on there :)

You can always reach me at


See my airbnb profile or my bike trip website to get a better idea of me.