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This used to appear on which was all about a bike tour I made around the UK in 2011/2012.

Forests and communities

07 July 2011

Just a quick post to let you know I’m ok ! :)

Had a beautiful morning cycling through forests (Sherwood), a quick swim in a lake, and just had “the biggest breakfast you serve” with a latte for £3.45.

a lovely part of Sustrans Route 6 through Sherwood Forest

just after a quick swim in Clumber Lake (in the lovely Clumber Park)

Yesterday I visited two very different and contrasting communities that has got me thinking a lot – one was an old village dating back forever (I read about it’s history back to the 12th century) that is struggling to adjust to the changes brought about in the 21st Century, the other is just down the road and is a modern eco-community (Hockerton Housing Project) possibly showing the way forward. Expect a post in the near future with some more pondering and pictures…

Heading towards Manchester now.