Nick Sellen

This used to appear on which was all about a bike tour I made around the UK in 2011/2012.

Flim-Flam 2011 – a 100+ mile full moon bike ride to Flambough head

28 August 2011

Whilst in Hebden Bridge I was invited on a night bike ride by Keith from Nutclough Housing Co-op. It is a northern version of the Dunwich Dynamo which I used to do in London. It doesn’t quite attract the same numbers yet though – 5 versus 1000s.

Flamborough Flim Flam 3 from Flim Flam on Vimeo.

It was great to have less weight on the bike for a while and remind myself I can still cycle a reasonable way. I used to cycle the Dunwich Dynamo alone amongst the thousands of people but I particularly enjoyed cycling with a small group where you tend to keep together – I got a much greater sense of bonding than with the Dynamo.